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OneNorbiton Voting on Priorities

One Norbiton Working Together
Community Working Group


Tell us your views

One Norbiton brings together local people and businesses with the Council and other service providers in order to target funding and resources at improving the things which really matter to the people of Norbiton.

We need as many people's views as possible so that we can focus action on the things which will bring the biggest improvements to the most people.

Please contact us using the comment box below to tell us which things would most make life happier for you in Norbiton.

You might include some of the following things, or you might have other priorities:

- Housing issues (such as the availability of affordable housing, improving the quality of housing and reducing overcrowding).

- Maintenance and condition of streets and public areas (reducing dog mess, smarter streets and communal areas, repairing local facilities, providing more green space and places for children to play, making the roads safer).

- Policing and safety (including feeling safer, reducing vandalism and reducing discrimination).

- Youth activities (such as affordable activities for children and teenagers).

- Employment and income maximisation (including help to get back to work, improving employment opportunities, making the most of welfare benefits and other money matters and advice).

- Health and care services (such as support for people with mental health issues, reducing loneliness, making it easier to eat healthily and cheaper and easier opportunities to exercise).

- Information and advice (such as improving information about local activities and services).

- Parenting skills, support and schooling (including parenting courses, affordable childcare and help for families in poverty).

- Diversity, inclusion and community spirit (including meeting local people, getting to know your neighbours, feeling part of the community, improving respect for each other and getting involved in improving your community).

Please indicate which areas you think should be priorities and which should not.

AreaPriorityNo Priority
Policing and Safety
Employment Support and Income Maximisation
Maintenance and condition of Public Areas
Youth Activities
Diversity, Inclusion and Community Spirit
Information and Advice
Affordable Exercise
Mental Health Improvement and Reducing Isolation
Parenting Skills and Support
Healthy Eating and Affordable Healthy Food

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