1.24 OneNorbiton Board

The OneNorbiton Board members are Mike D’Souza (Chair), Jill Preston (Secretary) Clive Clark and Rashid Laher (Directors)
The board meets whenever there is important business to attend to and acts as the executive arm of the Community Working Group of One Norbiton.

Code of conduct CODE OF CONDUCT


BOARD Minutes for 3rd Dec 2014
BOARD Minutes 4th Nov 2014t
BOARD Minutes 8th Oct 2014
BOARD MINUTES 18th Jul 2014

Agenda 23/10/2013
Minutes 02/10/2013
Agenda 20/9/2013
OPT Minutes 19/9/2013 / CWG Response
Agenda 12/08/2013
Agenda/ Minutes 27/6/2013
Agenda/Minutes 4/6/2013
Agenda/ Minutes 7/5/2013
Agenda/ Minutes 4/4/2013
Agenda/  Minutes 5/3/2013
Agenda/ Minutes 7/2/2013
Agenda/ Minutes 8/1/2013
Minutes 4/12/2012