2.1 How to use Twitter

  1. Use a web browser to go to https://twitter.com/.
  2. Fill in your name, email address and a password and click “Sign up for Twitter”
  3. The next page will suggest a username which you can accept or change to something more meaningful. This may take a few tries since many desirable usernames will have been taken.
  4. Once you have an acceptable username you can create an account which will give you access to Twitter once you have been logged in using the username and the password.
  5. The email you enter will be used to confirm your new Twitter account. Be sure to enter an email address that you actively use. Check your inbox for a confirmation message to make sure you signed up for your account correctly.
  6. Once you have set up your account you can follow the ‘tweets’ sent by people you choose to follow. These tweets will be shown to you when you log in. You can also send tweets which your followers will receive. All your tweets are publicly visible. Messages can be sent directly to another twitter user.
  7. You can get tweets from selected people sent to your mobile phone as SMS messages.
  8. You can get apps for smartphones which allow you to send and receive tweets.