5.4 Community Engagement 2011/13

Our confidential enquiry form is used to collect information about the problems Norbiton residents may have, and also to find out what they would like to see in the future.

The engagement sub-group aims to ensure that the One Norbiton project fully reflects the views and priorities of Norbiton’s residents and businesses.  We are working to inform as many people as possible in Norbiton about the project, gather views about the things which would most improve people’s quality of life and encourage as many people as possible to get involved in action to improve those things.  We are also exploring ways to ensure One Norbiton is as representative as possible by reaching out to those people who might not normally get their voice heard.  We have already set up a website, appointed a consultative panel of randomly selected households, leafleted every address in Norbiton about the project and held a public meeting to identify the improvements which people most want to see.  We will continue to work with the people of Norbiton, the Council and others to help deliver those improvements. In 2013 the OneNorbiton Board took over the functions and role of the Engagement Sub Group.
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