2.3 Powerpoint Shows and Presentations

25/07/14 One Norbiton Business Plan
25/07/14 Community Engagement Plan
11/07/14 Norbiteens Project Proposal
White City Community Plan
13/11/13 AGM Chairman’s Report
05/04/13 One Norbiton – A bottom up view to end of pilot
09/04/13 End of Pilot Report (Minutes)
27/03/13 End of Pilot Report
05/12/12 Let’s all enjoy life more (Mike D’Souza)
13/11/12 Norbiton Past, Present and Future (Mike D’Souza)
12/09/11 One Norbiton Working Together (Martha Earley)
11/10/11 Conference Presentation (Martha Earley)
11/10/11 Cabinet Office (Ian Leete)
11/10/11 Evaluation (Heidi Seetzen)
A precis of “Nourishing Social Renewal” 2012 (Jill Preston)
Hearing the Communities Voice 2012 (Mike D’Souza)
Recruiting the Norbiton Community Panel 2012 (Mike D’Souza)
One Norbiton : Two Pilots Local Integrated Services and Neighbourhood Community Budgets (Dean Tyler)
One Norbiton Working Together – Evaluation (Heidi Seetzen)
Cabinet Office 15/09/11 Kingston LIS presentation