One Norbiton Neighbourhood Plan 2018

One Norbiton Neighbourhood Plan 2018

Vision for Norbiton
“To improve the democratic involvement, health and quality of life of those who live, work and study in Norbiton ward and surrounding areas”

This is a revised version of our 2013 Aims
Overall Aims – To unite our community so that the North and South work together.
To help all Residents, Students and Workers engage with supporting their neighbours and have a proper democratic say in the future of their environment and life opportunities.”
1. Housing
To support an appropriate mix of Social, Affordable and Owner-occupied housing, in particular press for an increase the amount of necessary Social housing, in particular for singletons, older persons and disabled and that any future regeneration plans command both community and cross-party support.

2. Green Spaces and Hogs mill river
to enhance the appearance of Norbiton and preserve our existing green spaces and to develop a Hogs Mill riverside walk.
3. Transport
To create better transport links e.g. to enlarge the K bus route to include the CRE to help our elderly get easier access to Kingston Hospital. Also to promote health by encourage safe walking, cycling and use of public transport and seek ways to avoid traffic congestion e.g. explore the feasibility of developing a car free estate.

4. Wellbeing
 To promote the Health, Education and Physical, and Mental development of all residents (including the young and the elderly). To run regular Post Code parties to improve mutual community contact and engagement. To manage the nuisance caused by local street drinkers and focus on the Homeless. To set up and support a local youth club. To develop a Community hub that facilitates joint work between public services such as Housing, Social Services and the NHS. And to run an Internet café to support the Community needs for using the Internet and provide a common meeting ground where Charities and others can collaborate.
5. Local Centres
To enhance the character, quality and distinctiveness of key 
local centres including supporting viable local shopping for residents and visitors to enjoy and so that our local businesses benefit. To set up and support a local Credit Union loan facility and to support the Food Bank

6.Public Finance
To scrutinise local public money spend and ensure it is used in the most effective and economic way and in the best interests of those who live, work and study in Norbiton. Specifically, to develop ways in which Health, Social Care and Housing Budgets can be employed to work together rather than be rigidly hypothecated.
• To hold at least four meetings a year
One Norbiton Company and Forum
Chair: Dr Mike D’Souza
Vice Chair and Company Secretary: Jill Preston
Treasurer: Geraldine Burgess 
Directors: Clive Clarke, Rashid Laher, Phil Hutchison, David Ryder-Mills
(+ Up to five more Directors )
Invitees to the Forum Committee
Suggested Membership
Voluntary & Community Representation
• 1 Faith groups
• 1 Amenity Groups:
• 3 ‘area’ reps from local residents: CRE; Cambridge Gardens;
• Private Householders
• 1 Youth organisations:
• 1 Community Groups
7 representatives
Service Providers & Businesses
• 1 Education)
• 1 Health:
• 1 Police:
• 1 Youth:
• 1 Social services:
• 2 business reps –Norbiton Traders
7 representatives
Three Ward Councillors