2018 AGM 6.30 Monday 19th Feb

The AGM will be held in the Smaller Piper Hall. Hopefully it will not be too long a meeting. I attach the paperwork below.
1. Apologies and introductions
2. To receive minutes from 17TH February 2017 meeting
3. Matters arising:
a) Community Hub
b) Regeneration
4. Chairman’s Review and future Funding
5. Open discussion about “One Norbiton Community Plan”
6. To receive and agree Annual Report and Accounts for 2016/17 year
7. To elect One Norbiton Officers:
Chair: Dr M. D’Souza
Nominated by Seconded by:
Vice Chair
& Secretary Jill Preston
Nominated by Seconded by:
Treasurer: Gez Burgess
Nominated by Seconded by:
8. To Elect RETIRING MEMBERS of ‘One Norbiton’ Board
Proposed Seconded
Director: Clive Clarke
Director : Rashid Laher
9. Date and Time of next AGM
10. Any other business.

Minutes of 2017 AGM
ONE NORBITON AGM 17 Draft minutes

Chair’s Report
Chairs Report revised

2017 Accounts for Approval
AGM Accounts