The HOMELESS -A Victory for Pragmatic Compassion!

We have just heard that, following a petition set up by the Liberal Democratic party that attracted over 450 signatures, our RBK’s Resident Participation team is no longer refusing to let CREst and One Norbiton use Piper Hall to give hot food to the Homeless on the Thursday after Christmas.
At a meeting on 26th September with Hall users, the Residents Participation team said that they would not open the Hall for the Homeless on the 28th of December because their team needed to have an undisturbed two-week holiday over Christmas. We then requested that Jill Preston be allowed to take responsibility and open up the Hall up without disturbing them. This too was refused despite our explaining that this had been permitted last year and that she had been responsibly holding the key for the past fifteen years. We are really grateful to all those who organized and signed the petition and got this decision reversed.